custom 5 canvas prints

Because you canvas photo is stretched on a frame, you’ll need to decide what you want to show on the side edges! We have several options:

  • custom 5 canvas prints – the image on the canvas wraps around the sides, so some of the image will be lost to the edge of the canvas. You’ll be able to see how much in the preview tool.
  • custom 5 canvas prints– this leaves the edges white, so the image will only be on the front of the canvas.
  • custom 5 canvas prints – similar to the white wrap, the image will be only on the front face and the edge will be left black. This works beautifully with black and white images and makes a bold statement!
  • custom 5 canvas prints – if you’d like a colour border, you can pick this from the image itself. This is a good way to keep the colours the same throughout, again ensuring that you’re not losing the image to the edges and maintaining it on the front face of the canvas.
  • custom 5 canvas prints – if you’d like the effect of a gallery wrap but don’t want to lose any of the image, then choose a mirror wrap. Our print team carefully manipulate the image by copying the edge section of the image; then rotating it and using it as the edge print.