small dog totes

Big is best when it comes to super-sharp canvas photos, so we recommend using images that are at least 500kb, even for smaller prints. For larger sizes (from 12”x16”upwards), images of 1MB or more are ideal, and for 30”x40” we advise images of at least 2MB – but we have the upload capacity for photos up to 10MB through the website and can accept images of 10MB+ through file transfer services, such as Dropbox and WeTransfer – so please send us the highest image size you have! A normal digital camera with the settings on high will give you 3MB photos, and these can easily be used to print the biggest size canvas prints.

small dog totes
Canvas Size Recommended File Size
Up to 12” x 16” 500KB+
From 12” x 16” 1MB+
From 30” x 40” 2MB+